Thursday, April 5, 2012


***Writing tip: Give yourself one minute to make a list of the first things that come to your mind.  They do not have to be in any order or in regards to a single event.  (I use eleven events in this poem). When the minute is over, place the words into a list poem.***

A book's faded pages,
flowers never received,
bamboo, Koi
park, laughter, and wind,
his sweatshirt and leather jacket
a cave, shoes on wet pavement,
Arches National Park,
slipping, falling,
a picnic, spring break,
playing it safe,
living room couch, pillows,
talking with a guarded heart,
panic, don't know what to say
do you care?
the girl always left out,
in the theater, programs, ticket stubs,
dead flowers,
a vintage clock,
a camera with sad souvenirs.

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