Thursday, April 19, 2012


***Writing Tip: Take a place you spend a lot of time at and explain your experiences there using metaphor and simile.***

The hospital is as lonely as a crowded mall where you know no one.
The clock doesn't move, like they forgot to replace the battery.
The nurses don't have time for you; their clocks are still ticking.
As their clocks go, I put on my happy mask so no one sees me.
I am happy, like a vegetarian eating a hamburger, ready to throw up.
I've eaten at this five star cafeteria enough I think dogs might enjoy it.
I can walk, like a caged animal can run the perimeters of the fence.
I am the kitty in the animal shelter with the lost eyes, "Is this my home??"
Except a cat would never be allowed in this sterile room, like I am not allowed out.
The ten dollar boxes of tissues serve one purpose; no one can see me crying.
I sleep with an IV in my arm, the poor wasp trapped in a bandage so I could sleep.
I'm lost now in this run-down hotel, my vacation home, my hospital.

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