Monday, March 26, 2012


***Writing Tip: Think of physical things left over from different points in your life and explain what they say about you, using a list poem format. ***

Koi from my the one who saw me
Bracelet from a junior high crush
Hospital band after a break-up
Chapstick to show I am always cracking
Dishes to show I like to cook
Books to show my love for reading
A stained pillow from nights cried to sleep
A song in my head from fourth grade hard times
Sandals from when I had big shoes to fill my senior year
Ballet shoes from lost dancing days
A crown from Jr. Miss when I felt special
An angel to give me courage
Prescriptions to show my physical hardships
Scriptures and journal from when I feel God’s love
Maroon colored shirts to show the winter I feel inside
Apple cider to warm me up on cold days
A computer to show my love for English
The wishes in a wooden box for my family and I
A swing set to show a carefree childhood
White Christmas lights to show my love for the light
Lotion to soothe my skin and heart
A journal: love and pain.

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