Monday, March 26, 2012

The Problem

***Writing Tip: Sit and eavesdrop sometime.  Incorporate dialogue from all the members of a table or group and see what you can come up with.  Here I used direct quotes from four friends I listened to on my lunch break. ***

The problem is not macro. 
I just want to be his friend. 
I am stressing out. 
Because I hit on him anyway. 

This test is terrible. 
What do I do now?
You say I will do fine,
but I got slapped silly. 

I don't have time to deal with this. 
I can't handle the guys around here. 
I didn't want a ton of stress,
But I've fallen for one of the "untouchables." 

My life is on the line,
but he is quiet and nice. 
This thing is going to kill me
before he even drives me home.  

The biggest problem
is that I fell for a guy.  

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