Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Facing the Train

***Writing Tip: Power time! Show what you push through to gain strength and conquer life's challenges alone. ***

I'm lost somewhere, but the wheels go 'round;
they're leaving me behind.
I don't know where they're going
but they push on as I lay here crying.
The engine screams "YOU CAN DO IT"
and I start running faster.
I'm gaining speed but can't catch up,
then I stumble.  I'm falling.
It gets darker and darker as I drop
with no lights to guide the way.
Somehow the train comes back,
trampling my fallen body...

Then I'm standing up,
staring at gleaming chrome.
It comes at me ferociously
but I stand still with head held high.
I catch my breath as it rushes at me,
knowing breath brings life, and today I live.
The wheels can only do so much,
and its weight can only press so hard.
The train will always rumble on;
the train of life never stills.
But now I am ready...
I'm ready to face the train.

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