Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Bridesmaid

***Writing Tip: Find a picture on the internet of people who are gathered for some reason.  Find a character other than the one the photographer focused on.  Take that character's point of view and write a poem from their perspective about the event occuring.***

I wish I was you--
the world revolves
around you today.

He stares at you
complete joy
in his eyes.

You look so beautiful
with your white dress
and colorful bouquet.

Will our friendship change?
the thought
hurts a bit inside.

We used to skip
from store to store
are girls nights over?

For years we've held on
laughing and crying
now I'm losing you.

Your tears will fall
on his shoulder now
what am I left to say?

Everyone else smiles
the lights are glaring
but nobody can see me.

I'm third in the row
far enough you can't see
my black bridesmaid dress.

I scream at myself--
where is my smile
on your wedding day?

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