Friday, June 22, 2012


***Writing Tip: Take from your own personal experience and write about a time when you hoped expectations would be fulfilled.  Write a little bit of back story then say a little bit about your expectations.***

I prayed the Lord would keep you safe
and now I know he kept his promise. 
You stand before me now.
You're home and I am anxious
to be in your presence once more. 
I know I shouldn't be writing this,
but it comes fro my lips once again. 
I've missed you while you've been away.
I hope that you are here to stay. 
I know college comes up now and then
and I have to move on too
but I hope we can move on together, 
keeping in contact, me and you. 
I have other friends
but you are special somehow. 
ever since I was a freshman, 
you made magic stars blow my way. 
You wrote me a poem and I wrote you one back. 
Here's another one to put in your sack. 
I hope you are all that I expect you to be. 
I hope it's not weird and demeaning to me. 
Will you see me the same or differently? 
Will that be a good thing or will I not want to stay?
I don't know how you feel or what to do,
but I know a piece of me has been with you. 
Now you have returned I hope it can fit
into the puzzle of life once again. 
Thank you Dear Lord
for protecting my friend, 
for loving him as thy Son
for he has the power within
to follow a brighter Son. 

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  1. You write beautifully! =) Miss you! -Christine S.


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