Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thrown to the Wind

***Writing Tip: Choose some qualities you have, good or bad, that you possess.  Think about who would benefit from those parts of you and write it down.***

Pried apart, I'm scattered to the wind,
a part to the girl in the blue, one to the boy in red.
Love to the highest bidder,
peace to the crying child.
Knowledge to the failing student,
spirituality to the one who lost faith,
beauty to the girl peers call ugly.
Voice to the shy boy in the corner,
pieces of me thrown to the wind.
Like grains of sand each piece is diverse.
I have been black as well as white.
Who will scatter the grains to the wind?
Will it be enough for the better?
What piece will others get?
What will I give?
Which piece of me will be caught in the wind?

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